Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Walk to Remember

Wow, it is another romantic movie form Hollywood from the category of "Angel Gurl had RADICALLY changed the Devil Guy" :) . The movie really was effective although the stars of the movie is not so familiar at least for me. My story with the Movie start by noticing the name of the movie in a lot profiles of gurls and guys who do have some romance in their life :) .

I decided to watch the movie to see if I will be affected like the others. The movie starts in a calm village, with a bang of gurls and guys who wanna to have some fun time by playing with a normal guy. Then our hero appears here which it was so clear that he is not interested so much in the game, he was the only one who stayed to rescue him of drowning. Then by the time appears the innocent gurl who is involved in the team f singing in the church, and her father was the priest.

The gurl although all guys was criticized for her walk and for her clothes, the movie shows us that the gurl do have a lot of interest in helping people may be that was her life that related with the church, then the scenario of the movie drive us in series of situation how the guy got closer to the gurl and start to know her, I don't wanna to go any more in details about the movie, um just wanna to remember some points with you in my "WALK" blog.

There was a so cute scene in the movie like that he wrote one of the stars with her name. Really that was so romantic. And now for the strongest scenes that shakes me strongly and plays with my emotions.

When the DEVIL bang has make a bad pic about here and spread it in all school, and when the gurl saw that pic and in the moment of her crash, here comes our hero suddenly to support her and just punch his old friend "the leader of the bang" for HER dignity.

And the most effective scene, when our guy knew about her CANCER , and he tried his best to give her nice final days in her LIFE, so he just went to his father, who already do have a lot of problems with him, and throw him self in his father arms and start weep strongly, and I did too L .

Finally the movie was just so great and really it deserve to be added on your favorite movies ;)

For people who did not watched the movie please don't read this blog, but if U already watch it please comment this blog.

Have a nice Time and think about your "WALK to REMEMBER"

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