Friday, September 30, 2005

Spartacus (Revolution of Slaves)

Roman slave and gladiator, born in Thrace. He is thought to have been a deserter from the Roman army, and he was sold as a slave to a trainer of gladiators at Capua. In 73 bc he escaped with other runaway gladiators and took refuge on Mount Vesuvius, where he was joined by large numbers of escaped slaves. As leader of the historic insurrection of Roman slaves known as the Third Servile War, or Gladiators' War, he defeated two Roman armies, and his forces overran southern Italy. In 72 bc he defeated three more Roman armies and reached Cisalpine Gaul, where he planned to disperse his followers to their homes. They decided to remain in Italy for the sake of plunder, and Spartacus marched south again. In 71 bc the Roman commander Marcus Licinius Crassus forced Spartacus and his followers into the narrow peninsula of Rhegium (now Reggio di Calabria), from which, however, they escaped through the Roman lines. Crassus then pursued Spartacus to Lucania, where the rebel army was destroyed and Spartacus was killed in battle. Upon his death the insurrection came to an end, and the captured rebels were crucified. A few who escaped to the north were killed by Pompey the Great, who was returning from Spain.

I started getting interesting to this character "Spartacus" when I have watched a movie have the same name. The movie makes me think a lot, about why really some people over this world believe they are better than other. That gives a great pain to our minds and hearts when you see how white Americans deals with Americans from African regions in the view point of Masters and Slaves. That’s happen in a country had been build on the idea of the freedom and democracy! All of that have stayed in this way till come Abraham Lincoln, an American president I respect so much, to make a law that makes all American including the "Negro" are equal in their rights.

Another issue about the look of masters and salves are how the western civilization looks to the Muslim world. We know that Muslims now suffer from a lot of problems and they are looked as non civilized people in the Western countries and I can agree some points of this look. But in same time I can't see the "Democracy Play" of Gorge Bush who wants to spread it all over the world and specially the Middle East. Again some people look to others in the way of Masters and Slaves!
What a miserable world?! In the end of Spartacus story, he died before he accomplished his dream, and I'm afraid we don't reach to that world where all people are equal. I know that even if we have a Revolution of Slaves again it will end losing, because the Masters will never allow us to live FREE

Saturday, September 10, 2005


The Place : at the barber.
The Time : a day after an "Elections" and day before the "Results" Play.
The Action : Cutting my hair and participating in Political Conversation.

I'm not sure where I can start this Blog, really it seems that what ever I am dreaming of, it can't be come to the true ,because simply that is conflicting with the national interest, that the "damn" politician here in my country think it is true. What a pool shit!

The conversation started when my barber asked me with his nice smile, a smile for each customer :) , "So how do U like your hair today?" He asked. I replied with a smile too "like every time". Each time he asked me the same question and I answer the same Answer.
Actually I like that in Hafez, this is my barber name, as usually we people like to be asked how look I like my hair, what the service I like to have somewhere, who should be my president??, as a kind of expressing my opinion.

Then while he was cutting my hair, he asked me, with the same Smile :) "Did U participate in Elections?" Actually I have a comment here about that. I can notice clearly in our culture why always the barber has this adjective, "TALKATIVE" or sometime um imagining that barber in our society was always playing the role of a broadcast. May be because he work in all people head "cutting their hair" so he always have different news in different fields according to his customers.

Back to his question again, I replied "yes I did ", he asked "who was the candidate U elected". I replied with the name "Ayman Noor". Here comes the role of a third person of our Political Conversation, "really U did?", he said that in a smile. May be U ask how U can see all those people smile while all of that happen in your back? My answer will be by the Wide Mirror at the place :) .

The man, who I really don't know his name, said that he elected Husny Mubarak, the recent president, who stayed in this position for the last 24 years :( . the Conversation was just goes on and had turned into polemic conversation, where each one was convinced that he right for his selection. NOTE : Hafez did not participate as he does not have Election ID :( .

The man has a strong belief that Husny Mubarak is the best one to fill this position, as he has a big experience! May be he just need to modify his government and all faces around him to radically change the country. Bla blab la of talking there and there, finally after I finished my Hair Cutting, Hafez told me with his smile, again, "Naeeman" and that’s what barbers tell customers after the mission is accomplished :) I told the man who was preparing himself to take my seat now, that we learned from our history that the good people never be fall in the same mistake TWICE, and that’s so awfully to fall in this miserable fault for 24 year, and continue for the next 6 years :(

And now for the point of all that pool shit U read above, in the problem of the Elections we do have three kind of people, some who does not care at all, and um not going talking about the Negative People at all now. Second type is those who believe that the current president is good enough and deserve to stay for another period, and in our case, 24 years with just no thing except so bad Society and no Advantages at all. And the final Type here who um presenting here :( people who believe that all of this miserable situation should be changed, but NO RESPONSE at all.

Finally um feel so sick as the Results show that Mubarak had a percentage of 88.6 % and um asking here why we changed our constitution and modify our laws. To reduce his success percentage from 96 % in the last elections to 88.6% in the new one and why he do have this "Excellent" grade, is that because his great 24 years. I am not sure but really I believe it was not "Elections", it was a "Play", a big play, where 70 million poor miserable people participate and um one of them :(

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Walk to Remember

Wow, it is another romantic movie form Hollywood from the category of "Angel Gurl had RADICALLY changed the Devil Guy" :) . The movie really was effective although the stars of the movie is not so familiar at least for me. My story with the Movie start by noticing the name of the movie in a lot profiles of gurls and guys who do have some romance in their life :) .

I decided to watch the movie to see if I will be affected like the others. The movie starts in a calm village, with a bang of gurls and guys who wanna to have some fun time by playing with a normal guy. Then our hero appears here which it was so clear that he is not interested so much in the game, he was the only one who stayed to rescue him of drowning. Then by the time appears the innocent gurl who is involved in the team f singing in the church, and her father was the priest.

The gurl although all guys was criticized for her walk and for her clothes, the movie shows us that the gurl do have a lot of interest in helping people may be that was her life that related with the church, then the scenario of the movie drive us in series of situation how the guy got closer to the gurl and start to know her, I don't wanna to go any more in details about the movie, um just wanna to remember some points with you in my "WALK" blog.

There was a so cute scene in the movie like that he wrote one of the stars with her name. Really that was so romantic. And now for the strongest scenes that shakes me strongly and plays with my emotions.

When the DEVIL bang has make a bad pic about here and spread it in all school, and when the gurl saw that pic and in the moment of her crash, here comes our hero suddenly to support her and just punch his old friend "the leader of the bang" for HER dignity.

And the most effective scene, when our guy knew about her CANCER , and he tried his best to give her nice final days in her LIFE, so he just went to his father, who already do have a lot of problems with him, and throw him self in his father arms and start weep strongly, and I did too L .

Finally the movie was just so great and really it deserve to be added on your favorite movies ;)

For people who did not watched the movie please don't read this blog, but if U already watch it please comment this blog.

Have a nice Time and think about your "WALK to REMEMBER"