Saturday, August 13, 2005

First to be HERE!!

Mm, what to say here??

its my first time to publish something related to me
here on the internet.

in somehow, I can find the "Blog" idea is so exciting and make people
release their abilities in writing.

actually um confused, how to start here,
but generally I do have an important experience in last few days
which I had learned a lot.

Just two days ago, I was passing bad time.
I was thinking that um really did not do any any thing in my life that makes me
feel um a truly human bling.

I can't remember any thing valuable in my life, I was not so clever in schools, even college, I was not puplar within my friends, even in playingt football I was the non great player that all people wanna to make me join them.

I was thinking that, I can not stay any more in this life.
when um trying to answer the question of "Where um I ?"
um Failing to find any "nice" answer.

After a big discussion between me and myslef,
I did not find any reasonable thing that makes my tears go out
and my soul get down.

Now ,um totaly beliving in one idea, or actually my opinion (theory)
there are two kinds of people

  • People waiting their Death
  • People walk toward their Death

I decided to be from the last type, that will help me to forget how much the life is so boring.

finally I choosed to be something there, that people remember in their life, even after I pass away.

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